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Our Mandate

The Erie Shore Drive Property Owners Association was founded for all property owners on Erie Shore Drive who are interested in an organization to work for their common good: the maintenance and enhancement of the quality of life on the road for both seasonal and permanent residents through careful attention to such matters as opportunities to build a greater sense of community, shoreline protection, education and advocacy. See the ESDPOA Constitution/By-Laws.

The Unique History of Erie Shore Drive Shoreline Protection

In 1914 a report was submitted to construct the Burke Drain under the Drainage Act, which involved the embanking and pumping of 1600 acres, lands in the third and fourth concession (east of Bisnett side road and west of Chesapeake and Ohio Railway). Because of this, Erie Shore Drive is a human-made (engineered) structure which is in fact a dyke situated between acres of top quality farmland and Lake Erie.

From 1930-1968 wooden seawalls and groynes were constructed along the shoreline of Lake Erie opposite the length of the Lakeshore Drain abutting the Dyke Road (now called Erie Shore Drive). This construction (also under the Drainage Act) was carried out primarily to protect the Burke Drainage Works (Flood Protection Study for Erie Shore Drive, Todgham and Case Associates Inc. May 1998, page 5).

Over the years, private properties were established and homes were constructed on the south side of Erie Shore Drive. Private shore protection systems along the lake shore range in design and materials used. Currently there is no consistent design standard applied and some systems have failed at various times.


Historically high levels of Lake Erie were recorded in 1972, 1986 and 1997. High lake levels and storm events not only threaten properties and structures, but also threaten the dyke when "over-topping" (significant flooding over Erie Shore Drive) occurs, causing serious erosion.

Given the high lake levels property owners have experienced in 2017-2019 the mandate at the forefront of the Association's work is to  advocate for an effective long term shore line protection strategy.

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